Who we are

La Puerta de la Amazonia (The Gate to the Amazon) is a travel agency that is dedicated to promote biotourism in the Guaviare department of Colombia. We offer a unique experience in the untouched region of Guaviare to the tourists who are curious to explore a lesser-known departement of the country. We craft our packages in a way to ensure that life (both human and animals) take advantage of tourism. The Guviare used to be affected by civil war and drug trafficking, and La Puerta de la Amazonia offers concrete income-generating alternatives to local populations still largely unaware of the wealth of their environment.

Tucanos indigenous people playing music instruments

Our values and objectives

Thanks to the incomes generated by tourism, we are able to partially carry out a serie of projects. However, the Guaviare being located in the Amazon and due to the urgency of protecting this part of the world, we would welcome any additionnal collaboration. Please contact us should you want more information.


La Puerta de la Amazonia is committed to paying its employees an hourly rate of 20,000 Colombian pesos, almost three times the country's minimum wage.


La Puerta de la Amazonia commits part of its income to forest restoration (not reforestation), where no vegetation is planted and the land is left to recover naturally.


A few families of jaguars live in the Guaviare. A travel corridor is being built to protect this rare and endangered animal, and La Puerta de la Amazonia is committed to supporting the project as well as various regional projects to preserve them.

Child protection

In compliance with Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, La Puerta de la Amazonia fights all sexual exploitation and abuse of minors, and offenders will be reported to the courts for criminal and administrative sanctions.


Aware that the greatest biodiversity on the planet is to be found where the world's first peoples live, a project to create an open space for the nomadic Nukak people to move around is currently being developed.