Experience the Guaviare

San José del Guaviare caters for all tastes, offering an unforgettable experience: Fishing enthusiasts will dip their rods in the waters of the Laguna Negra or the Guaviare river to taste the delicious yamus and piranhas, adventurers will plunge into the depths of the Amazon in search of the mythical Jirijirimo torrent that only a few intrepid souls have been able to contemplate, and birdwatchers will patiently watch until they catch a glimpse of the famous cock-of-the-rock.

Pink dolphin of the Amazon in Puerto Nare, Guaviare

Colombia is an emerald with a thousand facets, and this is even truer in Guaviare: the melting pot of cultures from all the Colombian regions, which is reflected in both the cuisine and the way of life, means that you can discover a multitude of different aspects of this jewel in just a few days. The Nukaks, one of the last nomadic groups on the planet, still live here today with their traditions intact.

While we enjoy tailoring specific tours to fullfil your dreams, we offer the following must-see places of the Guaviare as appetizer. The suggested tour comprises a four-day experience.

esmeraldaDay One - Roots of the nature

The macarenia claviguera, a unique water plant
The door of Orion, made by the wind erosion
Natural tunnels of Guaviare

La Lindosa is part of the Guiana Shield, formed in the Precambrian period at least 2 billion years ago.

It's here that you can marvel at unprecedented geological formations, observe the sky through Orion's Gate, cross natural stone bridges in the forest, and above all discover Guaviare's most unforgettable attraction :

The macarania clavigera, an aquatic plant that turns rivers to green or red, depending on its age.

esmeraldaDay Two - Back to the origins

The natural wells, the city of stone, the cavern of the wind, the enchanting names all recall the primordial elements of our planet, which have been busy sculpting it since the very beginning.

Your journey will let you see fossil traces of the planet's first living creatures.

On the Guaviare River, we'll see how water breaks up the rock, and how natural powers are at work in the shadows to form our final natural environment.

The Winds mirador, in the City of Stones
The City of Stones

esmeraldaDay Three - Aquatic suprises

The colorful river
The natural curves of the natural wells

The liquid element in all its forms is the focus of this day of discovery. Crossing a tropical rainforest, you'll discover colourful rivers and huge bridges spanning streams.

A swim in the crystal-clear water to recover from your emotions is planned.

esmeraldaDay Four - History

After a short guided walk in the forest, where the guide will explain the use of plants for therapeutic purposes, you will discover one of the largest complexes of rock paintings in the world is that of Cerro Azul. Estimated to be 12,000 years old, it is now one of the best-known symbols of Guaviare. People come from all over the world to admire it, and it is just one of dozens of legacies of the ancient Amazonian peoples. A local indigenous guide will explain what the figures may mean and how one specific drawing led to find a mysterious second floor...

The afternoon is dedicated to the presentation of a former coca farmer, who has chosen to turn to tourism and prevention in 2018. He explains what his job used to be, and what life was like in the department before it was pacified, much to everyone's delight.

Cerro azul, 12.000 year-old cave paintings
Viewpoint in Cerro azul
Former coca farmer explains why he changed his life

esmeraldaMore days, more fun

Do you want to explore the depths of the Amazon, but sleeping in a full confort tent? Do you want to fish piranhas and taste their delicious flesh? This part of the world offers all the adventures you may dream of. Just contact us for a personalised trip in Guaviare.